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AI bring health benefits and surprises

2016-09-09 09:33:19 Read

In depth study of artificial intelligence, big data collection and analysis, the great advantage of making it an effective tool for medical diagnosis. According to foreign media reports, recently a US company is to manufacture a product of artificial intelligence to help the doctor to check whether their patients suffering from mental disorders. The product works is the use of artificial intelligence model Looking verbal cues from the patient's speech transcript in, and found to be in digital form, and this is reflected in the readings patient mental state, it will also be the basis for a doctor to make a diagnosis.

In addition to screening for schizophrenia, the company raised another idea, hope to develop a tool to track the course of treatment has been hospitalized psychiatric patients, through long-term test of their conversation, during which they analyzed changes in language patterns of illness, to serve treatment to make objective and quantitative assessment to help patients find a more "right" cure measures to alleviate the suffering of their rehabilitation.
       US IBM company developed "Watson" in artificial intelligence robot industry can be well-known, as early as in 2011, "Watson" was defeated in the US quiz show "Jeopardy" over-human opponents, showing artificial intelligence strong ability to learn. Recently, the school bully "Watson" gorgeous actually turned into "whites" to "within 10 minutes diagnosed with a rare leukemia," the medical courses fame again.

In the case of diagnosis, the patient was a 60-year-old female. According to the Institute of Medicine, University of Tokyo in Japan initial diagnosis, it showed that she is suffering from acute myeloid leukemia, but after going through various therapies, the effect is not obvious. In desperation, the Institute had to help "Watson" and "Watson" is by comparing the 20 million cancer research papers, in just 10 minutes come to diagnosis and proposed treatment plan to help researchers overcome this obstacle .
       However, the "Watson" the doctor much energy is not limited thereto. Currently, patients read, read the paper, looking for dispensing treatment of diseases, etc., have been a cinch for him, and has a strong cognitive ability "Watson", the interpretation of medical images more depth and precision. Faced with difficult medical problems, artificial intelligence or humanity in the future become an indispensable helper.

AI established medical wisdom, help protect human health. Currently, medical research artificial intelligence frequent, artificial intelligence applications in the medical field has become a trend. According to foreign media reports, the layout of artificial intelligence technology giants have been positive medical industry. In early June this year, the depth of thinking company (Alfa Go designers) to begin planning their algorithm is applied to the healthcare industry, and plans to use machine learning process British National Health Service within five years. Google is working on a smart contact lenses, designed to measure glucose levels through tears. At present, most of artificial intelligence technology in the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases compared to the Silicon Valley start-up companies is a artificial intelligence has always wanted to bring medical consulting industry, with bot to provide the user with healthcare professional advice.
       The ultimate goal of technology is to better serve human life, artificial intelligence, medical undoubtedly would provide a satisfactory answer. Future, artificial intelligence will bring health benefits and how the human world a surprise, let us wait and see.

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