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Mobile medical model "value" means the road where the competition? Seven Luck Kang doctors wishing to become a "partner

2016-09-09 09:35:33 Read

The end of July, in a patient in Badong County, Chen Dong (a pseudonym) fell in his room, deep coma. The three-year history of schizophrenia villagers anxious relatives and friends and local doctors, because doctors could not decide whether he was mentally ill due to the sudden syncope caused by the drug or produce discomfort. But the deadlock was finally broken that night, Chen brother's friend choose seven Lok Hong doctor and request its assistance medical aspects. Seven Luck Kang doctors platform immediately invited medical experts to the diagnosis, and along the way use the software platform can initiate remote consultation, follow-up consulting a doctor. It concluded that, Chen is likely to occur a situation not suited to drugs.
At this time, Chen Dong, the referral has become the most urgent needs. Seven Luck Kang and help doctors better contact local hospital, Chen Dong conduct referral assistance. Fortunately, Chen gradually regained consciousness and is out of danger.

Weekend 9:00, Liu Lin (a pseudonym) at home, as usual too hot to wear a neat white shirt, open the phone, prepare for a new day's work. Liu Lin do not live network red, but a three doctors. Just three months ago, Liu Lin also joined the "Mobile Health" army, settled seven Lok Hong Hospital Internet, remote online for their chronically ill patients inquiry and issue electronic prescriptions.
Liu Lin feel quite surprised that month, seven Lok Hong doctors this platform can be increased by at least 5000 yuan of income for him. In addition to Liu'm feeling quite that, compared with the previous sitting 60 hospital patients given day, the monthly income of less than 10,000 yuan terms, seven Lok Hong internet income of the hospital seems to be more reasonable. Efficiency several times, Liu Lin can now make their own medicine services to outside Guangdong Province, Qinghai Province and even as far away as patients. The additional revenue from Liu Lin is precisely the basic remote patients.
Shuli, is one of the places with chronic diseases, Liu Lin, who lives in Leizhou Peninsula, each to Guangzhou to find a doctor Liu Lin a total of 9 hours by car, many patients Dr. Liu Lin, time spent in waiting for the doctor or registered plus at least more than three hour. Liu Lin and every communication time, but ten minutes, then spend nine hours back home.

But since added seven Lok Hong Liu Lin doctors account, in addition to unconventional inspection, Liu Lin and her interrogation by video, Shuli longer need on the road, waiting to spend more than at least 21 hours.
"For patients, we are convenient, seven Lok Hong doctors only help him find the right doctor for diagnosis and treatment, but also be able drug delivery to consumers; for doctors, seven Lok Kang provide not only make them more a multi-point practice, the income of the sun platform, better means of large data back, to help doctors do disease patients, medication tracking to enhance viscosity doctors and patients. "seven Lok Hong, chairman Shi Zhen Yang opinion, seven Le Sport is the first doctor should be able to achieve a closed-loop-patient medicine platform has been committed to providing physicians and patients to maximize value.

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