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Four class hospital "in the end is what stuff?

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Four class hospital "in the end is what stuff? Recently, the State Development Planning Commission Guardian Statistical Information Center released the" Third regional and hospital information standardization interoperability maturity evaluation results, "which includes Japan Friendship Hospital, including 11 hospital-acquired "four-level" look so users have a number of hospitals in the country blindsided, how they emerge a "four-level" hospital? in the end is what stuff?
In fact, the "four-level" hospital accreditation and known to everyone tertiary hospital accreditation are two completely different content review.
"Tetramethylammonium" Review of hospital information图片关键词

According to reports, the hospital information standardization interoperability maturity assessment, from the four aspects of standardization of data resources, interconnection standardized construction, infrastructure construction and interconnection application result of comprehensive testing and evaluation of hospital information platform. Participate in evaluation of hospital needs after the declaration, the respondent, the soft test, trial paper, pre-site inspection six links, and it took 10 months.
White said that the level of information review the hospital, and the purpose is to solve the problem of information silos between hospital medical institutions, to promote the interoperability of hospital information, information exchange and business collaboration, between regions and within the hospital and medical resources data integration and effective use of big data foundation.
In fact, the "four-level" is not the highest level of the review, but not yet five evaluation rules, so hospitals across the country through the highest grade four.


And this is the third hospital already published a list of the second batch of the list, there are including Peking University People Hospital, Shanghai Children's Hospital, including five hospitals got the "four-level." The 2014 publication of the first grade hospital did not talk about the results of the review.
It is reported that four-level requirements of the hospital is to build a better hospital-based electronic medical record information platform; built based on independent clinical information database platform; platform standards-compliant electronic medical record integration services, information inquiry and receive treatment services, basic support medical institutions internal standardization requirements; business communication system (clinical services, medical management systems, operations management system) no less than 24; the number of external agencies communicated at least four.
"Top three" is the gold standard!

And we often say that the hospitals are in accordance with the existing regulations, "hospital classification management approach" like China division level medical institutions, mainland China implemented "three six other" division level of the highest level to the hospital.
Rated regulations, tertiary hospitals (over 501 beds in) to provide a high level of specialist sexual health services and the implementation of regional higher education and research hospitals to task over several areas. Class A: in thousands of points system, grading score over 900 get into first class.

It is understood that three major projects reviewed declare assessment including medical services and management, medical quality and safety, technical level and efficiency.
According to 2015 China Health and Family Planning statistical bulletin released the latest national health Planning Commission, China's current total of three hospitals 2123, including hospitals of 1236, compared with 2014, an increase of 78 compared to the national three level hospitals.
Tertiary hospitals accredited organization to become hospital accreditation committee, divided into ministerial, provincial, prefectural (city) level Jury three.
In addition to dozens of countries currently Methodist Hospital Planning Commission review the case of the Commission tube by ministerial hospital accreditation committee is responsible for reviewing, the current three hospitals around the brands are from hospital accreditation committee of the provinces guard Planning Commission review, The municipal hospital review committee only one hospital.
Compared to the "four-level" hospital information reviewed more than just a piece of ordinary brand only tertiary hospital accreditation is more important, it can be said "three A-level" for most hospitals is to block the flagship It is the lifeblood of these hospitals.
Because that is not the top three charges relating to the hospital, about the aggregation capability, including medical personnel, including important medical resources, relating to the survival and development of the hospital.

Currently the vast majority of our outstanding medical resources basically these three are gathered in the hospital, the patient basically ran the top three brands go to a doctor for treatment, medical treatment is difficult exacerbated the situation objectively, of which there are administrative medical institutions settings because there is no doubt, the assessment of which three hospitals also no small role.

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